A different kind of legal help

We provide limited legal services at a reasonable cost. You know what you are paying and what you are receiving up front. No surprises!

Do you need legal help?

The Legal Quill offers a comprehensive set of legal services. We draft your court pleadings and wills, offer exceptional mediation for resolution, and provide consultations with an experienced attorney for legal advice.

The Legal Quill aims to fill the gap between self-help centers and full lawyer representation. At a cost people can afford. All costs are shown upfront, with no retainers and no surprises.

We know it is scary filing legal actions and going to court. But you can do this! And we’ll be here to help with the hard parts.

Contact us now to set-up your appointment.



What is Unbundled/Limited Legal Services?

Unbundled legal services, also known as limited legal services, is a method of legal representation in the United States in which an attorney and client agree to limit the scope of the attorney’s involvement in their legal action, leaving responsibility for those other aspects of the case to the client in order to save the client money.



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