4 Ways to Lower the Cost of a Divorce in Colorado

Getting divorced in Colorado can be very expensive. Sometimes the cost of the divorce can be as much as the wedding was. Attorney fees can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, there’s the court fees and orders that must be complied with. What can you do if you can’t afford to get a divorce?

Here are a few cost savings tips:

1. The Colorado court fee to file a Petition for Divorce is $230. Plus, an additional $116 for your spouse to respond to your Petition. You can save the response fee together by signing the Petition as Co-Petitioners. If you are low income asked the court about a fee waiver, you may qualify to have your filing fee waived or for a payment plan.

2. You can save thousands of dollars by choosing to represent yourself instead of hiring an attorney to represent you. A Family Law Attorney retainer fee will, on average, start around $3,000-5,000. In leu of full representation, you can pay an attorney to help you with pieces of your case, but still represent yourself in court. This is called unbundled services or limited legal representation. Both are allowed in the state of Colorado.

3. Try to reach agreements regarding the division of the property and debts of the marriage as well as the custody of the children. The Colorado Court will order you to mediation if you and your souse cannot agree. Mediation with private attorneys can be expensive, and both parties will have to pay. If you cannot reach agreements, shop around for a low-cost mediator. The Office of Dispute Resolution and The Legal Quill only charge $150 per party.

4. It may not be wise to spend money on online legal services. There are many online sites that offer to draft your court forms for you at a low cost. If the site is national, and not a local Colorado law firm, you may end up with documents the court will not accept, and wasted money spent. The Colorado Court provides standard forms they require you to use if you are representing yourself. Often, these national websites do not use the most updated forms.

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