Did you know: The Clerk can Transfer Title of Property?

The divorce is finalized, and the house/car/camper/boat is yours! Having a Court Order, i.e. a piece of paper, that says you get the property is just the first step. Ideally the other party in your case will sign the title over to you and you will be on your way. But what if they don’t?

You can ask that the Clerk transfer the title of property over to you pursuant to C.R.C.P. 70. First step is to file a motion with the court. Once you receive an order from the court, the clerk will sign the title, transferring the property to you. 

This option is available when the following has occurred:

  • The court ordered you to have the right to ownership of certain property, such as real estate, car, etc.
  • The court ordered the other party to take a specific legal action, such as signing a document.
  • The other party refuses to sign documents giving you legal title to property that you were awarded in your court order.
  • The other party refuses to do an act required by court order.

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