Sit down with an experienced attorney for a consultation to discuss your case and concerns.


Due to the current pandemic, The Legal Quill is temporarily suspending mediation services. Thank you for understanding. 


We draft your court pleadings and wills for you. A trained paralegal will sit with you to gather information necessary to complete your legal pleadings. An attorney will go over all the documents with you to ensure they are filled out correctly and completely. Now you are ready to file your case at court!

Why Choose Limited Legal Services over a lawyer?

1. It is financially smarter to save the money if you can do parts of the case yourself. Why pay for services you don’t need?

2. Most family cases only have 2-4 court appearances. Why pay thousands of dollars to have a lawyer come with you to court? The hard part is the paperwork. Let us do that for you and save you money.

3. We know you’re scared, but you can do this. We are here to help, but you got this!